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Selection & Growing Methods


At Phillips Cattle Company, we continuously monitor and apply the newest concepts in nutrition, health care and marketing. We have the capability to custom design the best possible nutrition program for your livestock to bring your cattle along as rapidly and efficiently as possible.



At Phillips Cattle Company, custom cattle feeding has become a full service industry — from the auction block to selling fat cattle. Phillips can contract cattle for our customers or give the option to purchase cattle already placed in the feed yard. We work with a number of other order buyers across the nation to help you find the most profitable cattle buys available.


Risk Management

Risk Management has become more and more important in the cattle feeding industry. The market is still appreciating, but our input costs and fat cattle prices are more volatile than ever. We take great pride in trying to put as much effort as possible into an effective marketing strategy for ourselves and our customers.


We offer forward contracting to our customers on the feedlot account to be settled upon sale of the cattle. This frees our customers from unwanted equity swings and margin calls, while still allowing them the ability to limit their risk.


Commodity Cost Management

Phillips Cattle Company’s management team is constantly monitoring the market conditions that affect components used in their feed. This allows our customers to benefit from lower feed costs, therefore enhancing the potential for higher profitability.


Phillips Cattle Company also offers its customers the option of pricing the grain portion of the feed consumed by their cattle, if so desired.


Feeder and Feed Financing

Phillips Cattle Company thrives on building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers. Our cattle and feed financing package is highly competitive within the cattle industry.  We invite you to view the key features of this package.


Equity: Borrower shall initially fund $300.00 per head of the purchase price of cattle, and Phillips Cattle Company will provide a detailed description of the livestock being purchased.


Interest Rate: Interest shall accrue on the unpaid balance of your obligations at a rate equal to the greater of 1% over prime. Prime will be based upon the published rate by Rabobank, NA and adjusted on the 1st day of each month.


Veterinarian Overview
Dr. Jerry Biwer does monthly visits to perform an overview of Phillips Cattle animal health and performance program. He is well informed on any medicine trial and program that will keep Phillips up to date. He drives the yard and goes through any issues that Phillips Cattle is currently having at that time. Dr. Biwer will then give his opinion on what the best course of action would be for the animal’s well-being. He will also advise if the course of action is cost efficient for our operation.


Scientific Nutrition

The science of cattle nutrition is constantly evolving, and this is why Phillips Cattle Company uses the services of a professional nutritionist to design and deploy the latest feeding techniques to maintain the health and growth of our herds.


To that end, Phillips Cattle Company offers two approaches to cattle feeding:


Natural Feeding: The USDA specifications for natural fed cattle state that cattle must be minimally processed, cannot contain any artificial ingredients, and cannot contain any preservatives. Our feedlot is a natural certified feed operation. Our cattle never receive hormones, antibiotics or feed additives.


Custom Feeding: Phillips Cattle Company also offers custom feeding formulas that reduce cost and increase outcomes using the latest nutritional science. These techniques have been shown to increase average daily gain (ADG), feed efficiency and lower the cost of production over naturally produced cattle.


Both feeding approaches are enhanced by Phillips Cattle Company’s

• Consistent, predictable performance

• Mild climate year-round

• Steam-flaked corn and by-product availability

• Top nutritionists

• Computerized performance and health records

• Competitive marketing ability


Least Cost Rationing

At Phillips Cattle Company, we practice “least cost rationing” to minimize the cost of feeding without sacrificing cattle health and growth objectives. Least cost rations contain all the essential nutrients that are required to meet animal growth, maintenance and production goals without affecting quality and with the lowest cost.


Forward Contracting Opportunities

Phillips Cattle Company offers its clients and investors forward contracting opportunities.  A forward contract is a special contract between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a specified price on a future date. The asset in this case is the cattle. “A forward contract can be used for hedging or speculation, although its non-standardized nature makes it particularly apt for hedging. Unlike standard futures contracts, a forward contract can be customized to any commodity, amount and delivery date.” — Investopedia 

Phillips Cattle Company, Inc.  502 East Barioni Boulevard, Imperial, California 92251  760.355.1175  phillipscattle(at)

Principal Photography by Bill Gates

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