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Our Family of Businesses

Our family of businesses include both cattle feeding and cattle feed operations. Each business complements the other and extends our customer services and expertise.




Phillips Cattle Company

Phillips Cattle Company is a custom cattle feeding and finishing company based in the Imperial Valley, California. The company was founded in 1966 and manages on average 15,000 head of cattle on 400 acres with approximately 20 employees. The company receives and/or purchases young steers and uses the most scientific processes to ensure the health and economical growth of these assets. Both natural and conventional feeding options are offered to clients. Phillips Cattle Company is close to packers who receive our product at optimum finish and at optimum market prices.


Western Meats Processors DBA Agri-Feed Industries

Agri-Feed Industries (AFI) began operating as a feed ingredient trans-loading facility in December 1994. AFI is located on the Union Pacific Railroad in Imperial, California. AFI services the local feed yards and dairies in the Imperial Valley by unloading railcars of feed. Initially AFI unloaded unit trains of corn and transitioned to by-products such as dried distillers grain, corn gluten pellets, canola meal pellets, soybean meal, rice bran and whole cottonseed.

Phillips Cattle Company, Inc.  502 East Barioni Boulevard, Imperial, California 92251  760.355.1175  phillipscattle(at)

Principal Photography by Bill Gates

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